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 Home Technical Support: We are there with you each step of the way with automated monitoring, alerts, and resources available to support your team on our platform of ERP tools.

Mainstream ERP, our Custom Integrated ERP solution. Provides established small and mid market businesses the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Process Management (BPM) tools to put them on the playing field with major regional organizations and fortune 500 Enterprises .  


Innovative, Robust, Efficient and the right size for your business

Features include:

Role based dashboards

Quote creation

Job creation and processing

Job scheduling

Work order output


Maintenance module

Comprehensive resource tables:

             “Get what the business needs.  

Pay only for what you use”

Save and Grow with Mainstream ERP!

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“Yes you can integrate

with, QuickBooks and other popular business applications.”

Most ERP’s are

sold as a package.

You pay for all of it regardless of the functions you want

or will use.

Our ERP delivers the features and functions you choose based on your needs.  Nothing More!

ERP Costs

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Solution!