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 Home Technical Support: We are there with you each step of the way with automated monitoring, alerts, and resources available to support your team on our platform of eXchange tools.

Mainstream eXchange is our Automated Program Interface.  It is a powerful  integration platform that allows our products to exchange data in both standardized and custom interfaces with any capable service or application.  Business transactions, stuctured or otherwise with global trading partners organizations over the web.  



Mainstream eXchange allows our customers to have out of the box integration capabilities including:

Electronic Data Interchange for B2B and EAI functions:  

     Trade EDI with customers, vendors, government agencies.  

     Setup interfaces between disparate internal systems.

     Simple Integration with third party business application. Including, QuickBooks, and more…

Business Notifications:

     Custom business communications based on your criteria. Messages delivered via on screen alert, email, SMS, etc…

System Monitoring and Alerts

Managed Storage


Tracking,Metrics, Reporting, and Alerts.

Web Apps:

Customized with real time visibility to your data.